Reverse logistics represents one of the main services provided by TML. Started in 2006 with the renovation of our plant in Bulgorello. Reverse logistics spontaneously developed through direct/on the field experience. All our spaces and specialized facilities are dedicated to optimize and speed up the logistic processes.

The expertise we matured in this delicate segment of the logistics world taught us everything that is involved when handling returning goods.

We pay the outmost attention when reconditioning any returning goods. We take care of any activity that might be needed: repositioning anti-theft devices, re-labeling the goods, check the goods for abnormalities, etc.…

Our facilities are ready to receive big volumes of goods. Our specialized personnel are well prepared in handling any kind of goods and see them though the whole logistics process.


Since many years TML has been the logistic partner of many famous fashion brands in the Milan area. Supporting them in the reverse logistic processes and also transporting the goods ‘to and from’ the outlets owned by the firms.


Un vecchio modo di dire, tipico dell’ambiente calcistico, sostiene che il miglior attacco sia la difesa. In verità, per essere davvero competitiva, ogni squadra dovrebbe essere completa in entrambi i reparti, difesa e attacco.

La squadra che si concentra prevalentemente su un reparto, escludendone l’altro dalla propria strategia di gioco, è destinata a compromettere la propria stagione.

Analogamente, quelle aziende che si concentrano prevalentemente sulla forward logistics, escludendo dalla propria strategia la reverse logistics, sono destinate a lasciare sul mercato molti profitti.